Intellync help customers drive impact where it matters across agricultural supply chains with
major food processors, retailers and directly with farmers to increase productivity, improve
animal health and enhance corporate responsibility (CR) programmes.

The Supply Chain
The Supply Chain

Intellync’s technology platform will become the market leading operating system for livestock farmers and deliver a disruptive supply chain data proposition enabling our customers to make better, faster, more sustainable decisions.

Our Divisions
Intellync Sustain Intellync Sustain

Intellync Sustain is a specialist supply chain management company, enabling retailers, brand owners and manufacturers to navigate through complex issues in their supply chain and deliver positive impacts to their stakeholders.

Feedlync By Cowconnect Feedlync By Cowconnect

Feedlync By CowConnect allows you to transform how you feed your herd, using an intuitive app package and weigh system that fits any brand and type of mixer wagon.

Herdlync Herdlync

Herdlync is Dairy Herd Management Software. Its aimed at farmers who wish to improve dairy herd fertility, save time and maximise profits.

Our Story

Intellyncs vision is to bridge the gap between people, data and technology in agriculture. It currently works with a range of retailers, food processors and directly with farmers, using a suite of commercial solutions that span the value chain. These include:

Insights – providing actionable data that translates into more effective decision making.

Productivity – saving time, money and resources to improve operations.

Health – promoting animal welfare and preventing disease.

Assurance – minimising risk and enhancing responsible supply chain activities.

Sustainability – measuring and delivering positive impact across environmental, social and governance programmes.

Innovation – leading technology and digital solutions focused on action and impact.

Intellync believes there is a significant opportunity to leverage the growing accessibility of data and technology in agriculture to support agri-food production in a way that benefits everyone along the value chain.

1997 White Gold
was launched
2009 AB Sustain
sustainability solutions
2019 Set up tech center in Ireland
and rebranded to Intellync
2020 Launched new Intellync
Sustain product range
2020 Purchased Cow Connect
in March 2020
2020 Purchased Farmwizard
in April 2020
2020 Rebranded AB Sustain to
Intellync Sustain in July 2020
Go live with new
customer Primark
2020 Clear strategy for
Intellync Businesses

Our parent company Ab Agri was founded in 1984 and has grown from two people and a telephone to a global agri-food business employing over 3,000 people in the UK and overseas, selling into 70 countries and are growing our community every day.

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