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Since 2015, we have been impressed by VIVE’s commitment to continuous improvement across its supplier network, and its commercial and relationship-led approach to developing sustainable sugar volumes for our global operations. By working closely with our top-tier sustainability partners to increase choice for our suppliers, we are making progress on our long-term goal to sustain system-wide transformation to sustainable sourcing of agricultural ingredients.
Ulrike Sapiro TCCC’s Senior Director, Water Stewardship & Sustainable Agriculture.
We love working with our farmers to maintain their high production and welfare performance levels. Intellync have enabled us to support our farmers even more by designing and testing the perfect data-driven platform from which to be able to inform and advise our farmers in real-time about any challenges that might affect their herd. In this way, Muller Farm Insight really gives our farmers the ability to make highly informed decisions that keeps their farm performing well beyond the industry average.
Mike Stevens Head of Department at Muller UK & Ireland.
Intellync clearly brings the balance of skills necessary to innovate and deliver agri-solutions needed for the future, combining their formidable agri-supply chain expertise, corporate partners and connections. They bring technology and data infused solutions to the table with innovative capacity. These assets have made them a wonderful innovative partner to us.
Dr Matthew Smith Microsoft.

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